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Eugen Suchoň, Rudolf Pepucha, Mauro de Candia: Angelika

Wednesday 8. October 2014 - 19:00, Historical building

No performance.

Premiere: 27 and 28 September 2014 Historical Building

Eugen Suchoň
Music adaptation: Rudolf Pepucha
Musical direction: Marián Lejava
Conductor: Marián Lejava
Libretto: Peter Štilicha
Choreography and directed by: Mauro de Candia
Set: Antonella de Candia
Costumes, lights design: Mauro de Candia
ANGELIKA: Viola Mariner
LOUIS: Peter Dedinský
PETER: Igor Leushin
MOTHER: Viktória Šimončíková
FATHER: Andrej Szabo
ENSEMBLE - FEMALE: Viktória Árvová, Silvia Najdená, Reona Sato, Barbora Cagáňová, Helene Ziener, Isa Ichikawa, Sakura Shojima, Sumire Shojima, Alexandra Shalimova, Sarah Millner
ENSEMBLE - MALE: Andrej Cagáň, Raphael Schuster, Mergim Veselaj, Aliaksei Kavaleuski, Dansaran Vandanov, Francisco Garcia

Angelika is the first Slovak ballet written by composer Eugen Suchoň (1908 - 1993), one of the founders of Slovak musical modernism, and was written by the then seventeen year old music school student for chamber orchestra. The work - which is dominated by Suchoň’s youthful harmonic clarity and melodic freshness - was found in the composer’s estate along with compositions from his pre-opus period. Mauro di Candia, the choreographer and director of the first staging of Suchoň works presented his staging of Angelika as an original, precise and pure ballet in the current choreographic language, married with the musical elements of Suchoň’s melodic score.

Angelika won the 2015 Minister of Culture Award for outstanding contribution in the field of theatre and dance and artistic achievements for the world premiere of the first ever Slovak ballet.

Length of performance: 2 hours including breaks

Category 4 tickets for the historical SND Building are for areas with reduced visibility. This eventuality is reflected in the price of the tickets, therefore it is not possible for refunds to be provided on the basis of these circumstances.