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Slovak National Theatre

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Dance theatre in two parts.

No performance.

Premiere: 20 and 21 apríl 2007 New Building, Opera and Ballet Stage
This performance in no longer in our repertoire. The last performance was 3 October 2009 New Building, Opera and Ballet Stage

Set Design: Richard Dulude
Costume Design: Katarína Holková
Video: Michael Slobodian
Lighting Design: Jerguš Opršal
Maitres de Ballet: Nora Gallovičová
Warhol: Juraj Žilinčár
Valerie: Viktória Árvová
Marylin: Romina Kołodziej, Viktória Šimončíková
Mother: Adriana Nalezinková, Kvetoslava Salingerová
Ultraviolet: Romina Kołodziej, Viktória Šimončíková, Veronika Dedinská
Ladies - Corps de Ballet: Ingrid Murčeková-Kačiaková, Romina Kołodziej, Viktória Árvová, Veronika Dedinská, Ingrid Kováčová, Viola Mariner, Sarah Millner, Silvia Najdená, Adriana Nalezinková, Reona Sato, Kvetoslava Salingerová, Monika Lehocká
Gentlemen - Corps de Ballet: Adrian Ducin, Andrej Cagáň, Peter Dedinský, František Šulek, Dominik Slavkovský

“Everybody has a bit of Warhol in them.” Is the motto of the ballet, which aims to draw attention to the creativity and originality hidden in every one of us. We can be exceptional if we let our mind wander and give the stimulation of our imagination a free rein. Warhol - a dance performance in two parts wants to reveal to the spectators Warhol´s world of colours and creativity which help us explore the ambiguity of seemingly simple truths. More than the biographical facts, this piece will present images, bring closer the man Warhol - his life, his times, the environment, to which he responded and which he transformed. The images - Warhol, New York, the Factory, Valerie, Marilyn, Doctors, MTV, Lenin, Heroin, Mother - are our fantasy about Warhol and similarly to his work, they are full of colours, ambiguity and work with multimedia. The project is realized in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Arts and The Andy Warhol Society in Medzilaborce.

File MPGTV spot Warhol Download (MPG, 3,8 MB)



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