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Slovak National Theatre

Gustave Flaubert: Madame Bovary

Friday 8. January 2016 - 19:00, Hall of Drama, the new building of SND

No performance.

Premiere: 16 and 17 November 2013 New Building, Drama Stage
This performance in no longer in our repertoire. The last performance was 10 May 2017 New Building, Drama Stage

Staging: Iva Klestilová
Directed by : Eduard Kudláč
Dramaturgy: Darina Abrahámová
Set and costumes: Eva Kudláčová Rácová
Music: Martin Burlas
Licht design: Robert Polák
Táňa Pauhofová
Ľuboš Kostelný
Richard Stanke
Tomáš Maštalír
Alexander Bárta
Robert Roth
Jana Oľhová
František Kovár
Ivan Vojtek
Anna Javorková
Marián Geišberg
Ivana Kubáčková, ako hosť
Michal Režný, ako hosť
Jakub Abrahám, ako hosť, Linda Gallová, ako hosť, Alan Weissabel, ako hosť, Claudia Pittnerová, ako hosť, Tomáš Zárecký, ako hosť

Gustave Flaubert, as a leading representative and pioneer of modern world novel, was in fact a romantic person who used to admire great personalities of the Romanticism when he was young (Byron, Scott, Quinet, Chateaubriand, Musset, Hugo and others). In spite of his romantic inclination he contributed to literary expression objectivity and critical realism development through his works, reaching almost the limits of naturalism. Today, after more than 150 years, we may only be astonished that the works of Flaubert are not old-fashioned at all. Emma, beautiful and young woman who received good education in a convent marries Charles, a countryside medical doctor. But their marriage is not a happy one. Charles is not a bad man. On the contrary, he is good, nice, trusting and even shy. He does not understand his wife and he is not aware of the fact that without finding the way to make her happy, she will be exposed to the temptation to find the happiness with somebody else. He is not able to reach her soul and so Emma lives her life as a big dream. The Bovary’s, confronted with the failures of other persons participating in the story, confronted with earth-bound mediocrity of their environment, are definitely the couple deserving most of our attention. It is their case where the dilemmas of family models of the present Western civilization are personified truthfully, but also painfully, in broader circumstances.

Running time: 3 hrs with one interval




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