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Slovak National Theatre


Labyrinty a raje Jána Amosa
On How to Live in the World Impossible to Live In

Thursday 14. January 2016 - 19:00, Hall of Drama, the new building of SND

No performance.

Premiere: 9 and 10 Juni 2015 New Building, Drama Stage

Directed by: Ondrej Spišák
Dramaturgy: Darina Abrahámová, Daniel Majling
Set: František Lipták
Costumes: Katarína Hollá
Music: Andrej Kalinka
Stage Movement Instructor: Eva Burdová
Martin Huba
Marián Geišberg
Milan Ondrík
Ondrej Kovaľ
Jana Oľhová
Gabriela Dzuríková
Jozef Vajda
Daniel Fischer
Ivan Vojtek
Monika Horváthová, poslucháčka VŠMU
Anna Rakovská, ako hosť
Martin Varínsky, ako hosť

What sense does life have once you have lost your entire family? How to give life a direction at times that are turned upside down? How to believe in learning when the best brains of your times only use their knowledge to devise new means of killing? Amidst the hell of the Thirty Years´ War Johannes Amos Comenius wrote an original philosophical piece filled with distinctive imagination. Against the backdrop of personal tragedies and within the maelstrom of history we see open the world of spectacular allegories and parables about the search for the paradise of heart in the labyrinth of the world. The production is a collage of fragments of the philosophical piece by one of Europe´s greatest thinkers, of fantasy images from his books and historical drama of his times. It is inspired by Comenius, a name familiar to every learned person in Europe, whose contribution to our geographical space remains irrefutable.

Running time: 3 hrs with one interval



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