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Slovak National Theatre
Partnerské inštitúcie:

Karol Horák: The prophet Štúr and his shadow

Thursday 14. January 2016 - 19:00, Studio, the new building of SND

No performance.

Premiere: 8 and 9 Juni 2015 New Building Studio
This performance in no longer in our repertoire. The last performance was 15 March 2017 New Building Studio

Directed by : Roman Polák
Dramaturgy: Miriam Kičiňová
Set and Costume Designer : Peter Čanecký
Music: Vladislav Šarišský
Stanislava Vlčeková
Ľubomír Paulovič
Robert Roth
Tomáš Maštalír
Ľuboš Kostelný
Ján Koleník
Ingrid Timková
Ivana Kuxová
Dominika Kavaschová
Dominika Žiaranová, ako hosť
Ján Gallovič
Branislav Bystriansky
Štefan Bučko
Vladislav Šarišský

Or apparition, sacrifice and the ascension of the Prophet Ľudovíta and his disciples).

Štúr, Hurban, Hodža Leaders of the Slovak nation as revolutionaries fighting quests and as partners under the influence the women of their destinies.

The revolutionary years (1848 - 1849) that engulfed Europe. As it did the monarchy. Štúr, Hurban and Hodža got involved in the Revolutionary movement and organised three quests. We follow our national revivalists in confrontations between themselves and Lajoš Košút, the leader of the Hungarian revolution. And we see their family lives. The points of view of Adela Ostrolúcka, Mária Pospíšilova, Anna Jurkovičova and Cornelia Kellner Hodžova on the events of the revolutionary years, family and the life lived during warfare. an observance of the men who stepped out of their shadows.

We see two worlds. In the first, the young educated intellectuals choose to take up arms to fight for the democracy and freedom of the nation. In the second world after the revolution they wind up in isolation, loneliness, disease ridden and emigrate. How can one live normally after such events? Must every messiah and his followers pay the highest price?

An unusual view of the conflict between several ideologically diverse spiritual and political concepts in Slovak Romanticism, which in different articulation persist even today. A performance of the internal tension in Slovak being, the conflict between a state forming a strong idea and strong pragmatic leaders.

Running time: 3 hrs with one interval



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