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Giuseppe Verdi: I due Foscari

I due Foscari
Opera in three acts, sung in Italian with Slovak subtitles.

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Premiere: 22 and 23 October 2010 New Building, Opera and Ballet Stage

Musical Preparation: Friedrich Haider
Conductor: Martin Leginus, Friedrich Haider
Stage Director: Marián Chudovský
Set Designer: Jozef Ciller
Costume Designer: Peter Čanecký
Choirmaster: Pavel Procházka
Francesco Foscari: Zoltán Vongrey
Jacopo Foscari: Boldizsár László
Lucrezia Contarini: Jolana Fogašová
Jacopo Loredano: Ondrej Mráz, Ján Galla
Barbarigo: Jozef Kundlák, Ján Babjak
Pisana: Michaela Šebestová, Denisa Šlepkovská
Peter Malý, Igor Pasek
Milan Jazudek a. h, Ladislav Šipeky
Daniel Šlepkovský*, Samuel Farley*

The charming and mysterious town of Venice with its difficult history has long inspired artists, writers and musicians. Several outstanding operas are set in Venice, among them Verdi´s musical drama I due Foscari. The opera is based on a historical figure – the Doge Francesco Foscari, who, despite having power and influence, failed to protect his own son from intrigues and political manipulation by his opponents. The opera is a drama of conjugal faith and love, a drama of a split personality of a ruler and a loving father, a drama driven by hate, greed for power and revenge.

The opera strikes with exalted beauty, captivating melodies and tension. Soloist vocal parts, requiring technical mastery combined with commitment to dramatic portrayal and belcanto-influenced singing are in the foreground, but, typically for Verdi´s early work, the chorus is given an important role, too.

The Slovak National Theatre Opera stages Verdi´s masterpiece for the first time ever. The internationally recognized Austrian conductor Friedrich Haider joins forces with the acclaimed Slovak stage director Marián Chudovský. The cast includes Jolana Fogašová and Louise Hudson, with tenor Rafael Alvarez and the baritone Miguelangelo Cavalcanti appearing at the Slovak National Theatre Opera for the first time.

Running time: 2 hrs 35 mins with two intervals



Giuseppe Verdi: Dvaja Foscariovci

Play video Giuseppe Verdi: Dvaja Foscariovci (MP4, 6,0 MB)
TV Spot


Play video Jaroslav Blaho - DVAJA FOSCARIOVCI (MP4, 317,7 MB)
Jaroslav Blaho o tvorbe opernej inscenácie Guiseppe Verdiho DVAJA FOSCARIOVCI


Play video Jozef Ciller - DVAJA FOSCARIOVCI (MP4, 458,1 MB)
Jozef Ciller o tvorbe opernej inscenácie Giuseppe Verdiho Dvaja Foscariovci


Play video Peter Čanecký - DVAJA FOSCARIOVCI (MP4, 475,6 MB)
Peter Čanecký o tvorbe kostýmovej výpravy k opernej inscenácii Guiseppe Verdiho DVAJA FOSCARIOVCI

File PDFRECENZIA: Raný Verdi v SND - kostýmový koncert v stave núdze 25-10-2010 autor: Pavel Unger Download (PDF, 28,1 kB)



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