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Prix Shimizu


The Slovak National Theatre Opera, kindly supported by Mrs. Mimi Hiroe Shimizu announces the Prix Shimizu young tenor award, which is open to young, talented adepts in the art of tenor opera singing.

The prize will be awarded on the basis of a public competition and is set to the amount of 4000 Euros. In addition to the prize, competitors may receive a special award from the Director of the SND Opera, which involves the possibility of performing as a guest at the Slovak National Theatre.

The competition will take place on 28/5/2017 at the historical building of the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava.


• The competition is open to young tenors up to and including the age of 30. The day the com- petition takes place is decisive and competitors must prove their age with valid ID prior to the competition commencing.
• Entrants must fill out the application form and send it along with a recording or a link to a recording. The organisers reserve the right to invite only selected candidates. The selected candidates will receive an invitation to parti- cipate in the competition in electronic form along with detailed information regarding the competition.
• The deadline for applications is by the 15th of May 2017 via email made out to:  In signing the application the entrant consents to the competition conditions and thus agrees to them.
• The recording must feature two international opera arias in different styles. Only good quality recordings that are less than one year old will be accepted.
• Entrants shall indicate in the application one aria of their choice from the standard operatic repertoire and four arias from at least two different style periods, of which at least one must be in German. At the auditions, competitors – in addition to arias of their own choice – will be required to perform one from the wider choice selected by the judges.


Slavomír Jakubek, The SND Opera director
Peter Dvorský, Director of the Slovak Institute in Rome
Jaroslav Blaho, Opera historian, Theatrologist
Mimi Hiroe Shimizu, Prize awarder
Claude Mac Burnie, Prize awarder


The winner will walk away with 4 000 Euro. The prize will be awarded immediately after the results are announced by Mrs. Mimi Hiroe Shimizu.
The SND Opera Director’s prize with the possibility of making a guest appearance at the SND will be granted to a selected candidate or selected candidates. The guest appearance will take place in the subsequent season.


• The competition features one category and is held over one round
• The panel of judges has the right to choose the aria to be performed by the contestants.
• Performances must be made by heart.
• Transposition of the arias is forbidden.
• The competition repertoire must be performed in the original language.
• The panel’s decision is final.
• The competition is not public.
• Competitors who do not have their own reper- toire may ask the organisers to provide one in the application. The competition organiser is to provide an accompanist at their own expense.
• The competitors are to cover travelling, accommodation and other expenses in relation to the competition themselves.
• Announcement of the results and the handing over of the prizes is to take place on the day the competition is held after all the competitors have performed in the presence of the other competitors and the judges.
• The competition organisers and Mrs. Mimi Hiroe Shimizu have he right to record the competition performances in audio and video form. The respective recording (s) may be used by Mrs. Mimi Hiroe Shimizu at her own discretion for purposes pertaining to promo- tion of the competition. The videos of the performances may be published on YouTube. In submitting their competition application, the competitors agree with their performan- ces being recorded without being eligible for remuneration.

File PDFPrix Shimizu 2017_Registration Download (PDF, 159,7 kB)
File PDFPrix Shimizu 2017 Download (PDF, 47,5 kB)