Turn and face the strange

Tomáš ProcházkaPeter Tilajčík

Turn and face the strange


What role does a piece of art play in contemporary world? Are we able to absorb spiritual, Schillerian role of theatre? Or is theatre, seen as a temple or shrine merely a matter of the past?

The new SND building, SND stages and facilities
15. 6. 2018

Schedule of performances

Thursday 21. 6. 2018
19:30 h 20:20 h
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The non-traditional venue of the incomplete theatre kitchen becomes home to a new line in adventurous dramaturgy of the SND Drama Company. The venue provides a setting for experimental dramaturgy and performing artists on the intersection of ordinary and innovative theatre.

Antonin Artaud is one of the most significant and, at the same time, most bizarre figures in French theatre avantgarde. Even though he can be somewhat considered the founding father of modern theatre and the godfather or performative art, his ideas have never stepped outside the sheet of paper.

Theatre and its double, correspondence, short prose or poetry, however, leave a clear idea about Artaud’s theatre: theatre of cruelty. A theatre that is to tear spectators to pieces to be subsequently reassembled and sent out as new man. The cruelty has become subject of frequent misinterpretation, be it in form of extreme physical theatre or excessive expressivity. Nonetheless, what if the cruelty that Artaud so longer for, is actually something beautiful, spiritual and cathartic?

ARTAUDIA.AUTOPSY explores, on the basis of Artaud’s work, the central idea of creation of new man and his subsequent entry into new life. In which way is man, whom we see face-to-face, different? Can man change within a minute? An hour? Two hours? If so, how relative is then our personality?

The conceptual performance follows directly on a successful author’s project.

Cast: Peter Tilajčík (guest performance), Tomáš Procházka (guest performance)
Concept and directed by: Tomáš Procházka
Dramaturgy: Peter Tilajčík
Set design: Zuzana Hudáková, Ľudmila Bubánová
Music by: Nada El

Kindly note that the production is not suitable for spectators suffering from respiratory conditions and for children under the age of 15 and/or 18.

The Kitchen – this not-quite-so-traditional venue – yet quite inspiring in many aspects, has some limitations. Entrance to the Kitchen is consulted with health and safety personnel. Nonetheless, accessibility in and movement around the venue is limited. Hence it is beyond our ability to secure easy access to visitors with limited mobility. They would thus not acquire the complete artistic experience. That is why we regret for not being able to recommend them to view the production Artaudia/ Autopsy. Thank you indeed for understanding.

The timing given is merely indicative.