How the Woodbreaker Became the King

Ľubomír Feldek

How the Woodbreaker Became the King


A family fairy-tale about brave princesses, cheeky dragons, powerful friendship, and clever Woodcutter

The new SND building, Drama hall
7. 6. 2014 8. 6. 2014

Schedule of performances

Wednesday 13. 11. 2019
10:00 h 12:30 h
In sales
Sunday 29. 12. 2019
15:00 h 17:30 h
In sales

Great fairytale for small children as well as adults. The funny, adventurous, humorous and poignant story of an ordinary young Slovak who has tremendous power, but also a generous and courageous heart. As in many Slovak folk tales, the hero sets out into the world to seek happiness, overcomes all obstacles and even overpowers terrible dragons. On the journey he not only learns much about the world and people, but he also finds a beautiful princess for a bride.

Running time: 2 hrs with one interval

Production Team

Directed by Ondrej Spišák
Dramaturgy Peter Kováč
Choreography Assistance Eva Burdová


Lomidrevo’s father Dušan Tarageľ
Lomidrevo’s mother Božidara Turzonovová Eva Mária Chalupová (as a guest)
Lomidrevo Milan Ondrík
Valivrch / Hilltopper Roman Poláčik
Miesiželezo / Iron Knead Martin Šalacha
Witch Laktibradka / Yardbeard (Godmother, Poet, Pubmaster and others) Gabriela Dzuríková
Princess Modrovláska /Bluehair Anna Rakovská (as a guest)
Princess Zelenovláska /Greenhair Monika Horváthová (as a guest)
Princess Ružovláska, /Pinkhair Jana Kovalčíková (as a guest) Dominika Morávková (as a guest)
Fairies, Witches Laktibradky /Yardbeards Zuzana Náprstková (as a guest) Dana Okáliová (as a guest) Michaela Čilíková (as a guest) Nikola Olšovská (as a guest)
Background actors (three-, six- and nine-headed dragon) Gabriel Fusko (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Ľuboš Radošovský (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Filip Šebesta (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Michal Kinik (as a guest) Igor Schlosser (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Andrej Remenik (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Brian Brestovanský (Conservatory Student) Matúš Mihálik (Conservatory Student) Ján Cibula (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Kristián Kozmenko (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Krištof Tobiáš (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Erik Žibek (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Peter Kiss (Student, Academy of Performing Arts) Marek Koleno (as a guest)