Alexander Nikolajevič Ostrovskij



A production by Andrei Moguchev

The new SND building, Drama hall
22. 4. 2018 19:00 h - 21:15 h

For the first time in a century of its history, the Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre is bringing the eponymous play by AlexandrNikolaevichOstrovsky, the founder of Russian theatre and national dramaturgy. The production co-authors, stage director Andrei Moguchy, composer Alexander Manotskov and the artist Vera Martynovturn from contemporary positions to the sources of domestic theatre – the theatre of the executive, which existed prior the era of Stanislavsky and the traditions of psychological theatre, opening new facets of Ostrovsky's musical-poetic text.

The Storm by Andrei Moguchy is a delicate spectacle brought by the BDT actors' company in the authentic, archaic Russian theatre of Ostrovsky's times, the theatre of direct utterance, appeals to viewer, the theatre of the square and farce, of open feelings and emotions. The production features such artists as People's Artist of Russia Marina Ignatova (Kabanikha), Victoria Artyukhova (Katerina), Alexey Vinnikov (Tikhon), Dmitry Vorobyev (Dikoy), Honored Artist of Russia Maria Lavrova (Feklusha), Honoured Artist of Russia Anatoly Petrov (Kuligin), People's Artist of Russia IruteVengalite (Barynya) and other members of the artists of the Tovstonogov BDT company. The role of Boris Grigorievich is performed by the leading soloist of the opera of the Mikhailovsky Theatre Alexander Kuznetsov.

The Storm by Andrei Moguchy is the sound of a genuine, highly melodic text by Ostrovsky, reinforced with music, special dialect and the rhythmic grid of Russian recitative. Even Meyerhold and Tairov drew attention to the musicality of Ostrovsky, the folklore rhythm of The Storm. Now the composer Alexander Manotskov managed managed to translate the prose of the play into notes.

The Storm by Andrei Moguchyunveils the non-theatrical theatricality of Ostrovsky's play. This is the casket mystery, the life between hell and paradise of Katerina and other townspeople of the city of Kalinovon the Volga river, depictedin the stylised lacquer space of stage. This is the metaphysics of the dark Russian kingdom, a murky fairy tale, that comes to life in the darkness and the deliberategloom of the scenography by Vera Martynov.

The Storm by Andrei Moguchy is the ever-pertinent multi-layered portrait of Russian myth, of the traditions of the great and vicious revealed by Ostrovsky. This is the Russian interpretation of classic tragedy as a conflict between duty and feeling, unrestrained passion and violent faith.

Production Team
Stage director:
 Andrei Moguchy
Composer: Alexander Manotskov
Fine artist: Vera Martinov
Costumes designer: Svetlana Gribanova
Lighting designer: Stas Svistunovich
Stunts: Maxim Pakhomov, Roman Kaganovich

Savel Prokophievich Dikoy, merchant, leading figure in the city: 
Dmitri Borogiev / Honoured Artist of Russia, Sergei Losev
Boris Grigorievich, his nephew, Young man, properly educated: AlexandrKuznetsov (Mikchhailovsky Theatre opera soloist) / Piotr Zakharov (soloist of the concert – philharmonic ensemble Petersburg Concert)
MarfaIgnatievna Kabanova (Kabanikha), wealthy merchant’s widow: National Artist of Russia Marina Ignatova Aleksei Vinnikov
Katerina, his wife: Victoria Artyukhova
Varvara, Tikhon’s sister: Nina Alexandrova / Varvara Pavlova
Kuligin, artisan, self-taught watchmaker, on the quest of perpetuum mobile: Honoured Artist of Russia Anatoly Petrov
Vanya Kudryash, young man, Dikov’s clerk: Honoured Artist of Russia Vasily Reutov
Shapkin, artisan: Victor Knyazhev / Dmitri Murashev
Feklusha, pilgrim woman: Honoured Artist of Russia, State Prize Laureate Maria Lavrova
Glasha, madeservant in the Kabanov house: Alena Kuchkova / Glaphira Labrova
Lady, elderly woman aged 70, slightly insane: National Artist of Russia Irute Vengalite
Miserable: Diana Shishlyaeva
Townspoeple of both genders, swallows: Victor Knyazhev / Egor Medvedev, Evgeni Slavskyi, Olga Vankova
Members of the BDT Orchestra: Vera Ionova (piano), Alexandr Zakharenko (clarinet), Nikolai Rybakov / Yuri Andreyev (base drum)



Hosted at SND