The Shepherd’s Wife

Ivan Stodola

The Shepherd’s Wife


Slovak drama of Antique dimension about a woman in between two men

The new SND building, Studio
19. 10. 2019 19:00 h - 20:40 h

Schedule of performances

Saturday 19. 10. 2019
19:00 h 20:40 h
In sales
Sunday 24. 11. 2019
19:00 h 20:40 h
In sales
Saturday 28. 12. 2019
19:00 h 20:40 h
In sales

The Shepherd’s Wife is one of the masterpieces in Slovak drama. The impeccably focused tragedy is a powerful story of a woman, loving mother, who finds herself – to no her fault of hers – in desperate predicament. In between two male worlds she chooses to be faithful to herself. The Shepherd’s Wife by Ivan Stodola continues to raise moral dilemmas and insoluble issues. It is a Slovak “Antique tragedy”. The currency of its theme has the potential to speak to contemporary audiences.

Running time: 1 hr 40 mins with no interval

Production Team


Shepherd Ondrej Ján Koleník
Shepherd Mišo Alexander Bárta
Old shepherd Mrnčo Dušan Jamrich
Administrator Dušan Tarageľ
Shepherd Martin (video recording) Daniel Fischer
Ondrejko (video recording) Alex Bašnár (as a guest)
Miško (video recording) Dominik Martin Bičkoš (as a guest)
Servants in the video recording Adriana Janovíčková (as a guest) Peter Kaša (as a guest) Vladimíra Krutková (as a guest) Erik Voltemar (as a guest) Igor Malinovský (as a guest) Paulína Šebestová (as a guest) Jaroslava Janišová (as a guest)