The first-ever performance of the Hungarian National Ballet on stage the SND.

The new SND building, Opera and Ballet hall
7. 6. 2018 19:00 h - 21:40 h

Three unique dance compositions by Béla Bartók transformed into the movement by three lauded Hungarian choreographers through three original movement signature styles.

The ballet Wooden Prince, which had seen multiple staging attempts by choreographers, is brought by the globally acclaimed choreographer Pál Frenák to highlight the encounter between child story and sophisticated music. The dance suite, as Bartók was inspired by dance themes, brings together the power and beauty of ballet and folk dance. The oeuvre, choreographed by Zsolt Juhász, is a coproduction of the Hungarian National Ballet and Duna Art Ensemble. The evening further brings a new choreography of Bartók’s most popular ballet, The Miraculous Mandarin, choreographed by the legendary Hungarian choreographer László Seregi. He set out to create contemporary concept of the oeuvre within a framework of dance and visual performance. Music is performed by the Orchestra of the Hungarian National Opera.

Wooden Prince
Choreography and production design:
Pál Frenák

The Magical Mandarine
László Seregi
Set design: Gábor Forray
Costumes design: László Seregi

Dance Suite
Zsolt Juhász
Set design: Túri Erszébet
Costumes design: Rita Furik

Hosted at SND


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