Peter Quilter



True story of the world’s worst singer

The new SND building, Drama hall
22. 1. 2020 19:00 h - 21:25 h

Schedule of performances

Friday 13. 3. 2020
19:00 h 21:25 h
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Saturday 4. 4. 2020
19:00 h 21:25 h
In sales
Friday 24. 4. 2020
19:00 h 21:25 h
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Peter Quilter, one of the most successful and popular comedy playwrights of the current international theatre stage has got a perfect sense to pick up curious and bizarre life stories. This is also the case of the story of Florence Foster Jenkins, the worst singer in the world that has been entertaining visitors in dozens of sold-out theatres in the world. A bad singer of famous opera arias, but so enthusiastic, that she was able to get the famous Carnegie Hall to be sold-out for her. “People may say I cannot sing, but they cannot say I did not sing …”

Running time: 2 hrs 25 mins with one interval

Production Team

Translated by Pavel Dominik
Directed by Jakub Nvota
Dramaturgy Miro Dacho
Set and Costume Designer Michaela Hořejší
Music Kamil Mikulčík (as a guest)


Florence Foster Jenkins Kamila Magálová
Cosma McMoon Ondrej Kovaľ
St. Clair Kamil Mikulčík (as a guest)
Mrs Verindah-Gedge Gabriela Dzuríková
Dorothy Zuzana Tlučková (as a guest)
Mary Zuzana Dančiaková (as a guest)