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Slovak National Theatre

General Terms and Conditions of the SND in the 2017-2018 Season

Opening provisions

1. These Slovak National Theatre general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the ‘GTC’) relate to the sale process and sale of tickets for Slovak National Theatre performances and performances organised by the Slovak National Theatre.



1. Tickets for performances at the SND are commodities.

2. A ticket without a tag or an otherwise intentionally damaged ticket is invalid and the proprietor will not grant the holder such tickets admission to the performance in question or to the theatre.

3. Category 4 tickets for the Historical SND Building are for seats with reduced visibility. This fact is reflected in the price of the tickets, therefore it is not possible for such tickets to be refunded relating to this eventuality.


Ticket purchase, sales and reservations

1. Tickets for performances at the Slovak National Theatre can be purchased in person at SND Box offices during opening hours as well as online through the Slovak Ministry of Culture Návštevní portal reservation and sales system.

2. It is possible to ask for tickets purchased on-line thought the portal to be printed in SND Box Offices, where they will be marked as ‘duplicates’.

3. Tickets must be reserved at least 7 days before the performance.

4. Tickets can be reserved through the Návštevní portal, by telephone on + 421 2 204 72 289, via email to or in person at SND Box Offices. When making a reservation the customer is obliged to collect the tickets within 24 hours of the tickets being reserved. After this period, the tickets will automatically be cancelled by the system.

5. Immediately after purchasing tickets at SND Box office the customer is obliged to check the accuracy of the data, later claims will not be accepted.

6. The SND reserves the right to sell tickets only for the performance played on the respective day 30 minutes before the start of the performance at SND Box Offices.

7. The following payment cards are accepted at SND Box Offices: ZBK, EC/MC, Maestro, MasterCard Electronic, VISA, VISA Electron, DC and JCB. Payment by card must be announced beforehand...

8. Slovak Ministry of Culture vouchers are accepted at SND Box Offices. This possibility is available on working days until 18:00.

9. The right to a receipt arises after the tickets have been paid for. When purchasing tickets through Návštevní a receipt can be provided on request from:


Bulk orders and invoicing

1. Bulk ticket orders:
- A bulk ticket purchase is considered to be 10 or more tickets for one performance.
- Orders are accepted until 14 days before the scheduled performance.
- For the purchase of 10 and fewer tickets per performance, customers may use the address or the possibility to purchase tickets at the SND Box Office and the portal.

2. All registered orders are binding.

3. Orders may be paid for through invoices or payment order.

4. Order payments are accepted until 14 days before the scheduled performance.

5. PAfter order confirmation and the issuing of the payment slip the order may not be cancelled (other than compensation under point 8), nor may the number of tickets and category of tickets and date the of performances be changed.

6. For the delivery of tickets by mail (SR) a postal fee of € 1.90 is added to the price of tickets.

7. The following discounts may be applied to orders:
- Student – school confirmation including the name and address of the school, a name list of students and the accompanying teacher and a signature and stamp from the respective school are required.
- Disabled and pensioner –confirmation including the name and address of the association, a name list of visitors and the accompanying person, a signature and stamp from the respective association or a copy of the authorisation which authorises the discount are required.
- Bulk – according to discounts assigned for the respective season.

8. In the event that there is no change or cancellation of performances, the payment document and SND tickets are issued on the basis of a binding order can not be cancelled.


Ticket discounts

1. The customer has the right to claim a discount for selected performances exclusively in person at SND Box Offices having met the conditions for the provision thereof.

2. Before discounted tickets are purchased, the customer is obliged to present the respective documents for the discount to be applied, if it is not clear from the document presented that the person is eligible for a discount through a combination of documents (e.g. Confirmation of school attendance along with their ID etc.). Without legitimate ID and proof of the right to a discount, the discount ticket will not be sold. The respective document is understood to mean the original document.

- A student / school card
- Class book
- discount prepaid travel public transport pass
- a certificate of school attendance
- Euro <26, ISIC, ITIC
- disabled card, disabled assistant card
- For the application of discounts for senior citizens over the age of 62 with a valid ID card is required, for other pensioners (beneficiaries of early retirement) confirmation by the Social Insurance Agency for a retirement pension is required, or alternatively a discount travel pass.

3. Discounts can not be combined, mixed and matched with each other or with other discounts or applied to performances with reduced prices (public rehearsal, previews and afternoon performances).

4. Discounts do not apply for New Year's Eve performances (31.12), nor for performances by visiting theatres, unless otherwise indicated on the theatre’s website and / or information boards at SND Box Offices.


Other conditions

1. In the event of changes being made to the scheduling, the customer has the opportunity to visit an alternative performance. If the customer accepts the changes the purchased tickets are valid for the substitute performance featuring tickets at the same price as those for the performance that has been cancelled. If a customer attends the substitute performance they are not entitled to a refund, nor compensation of any eventual price difference between the original and substitute performances, or any other compensation.

2. If the customer does not agree with the substitute performance and does not use the possibility to attend the respective substitute performance, they have the right to return the unused tickets, whereby a full refund will be provided for the ticket in question.

3. It is required that refunds be asked for in person at the Box Office within 15 days after the planned performance in the case of cancelled or changed performances. In cases regarding refunds after the given 15 day deadline, refunds must be asked for exclusively in writing or via email for online purchases made out to, including the respective bank number and code (IBAN, SWIFT/BIC), whereby it is required that a scan of the respective ticket (s) to be refunded be provided.

4. Any cancelations or program changes are announced by the SND through the website and additionally at the SND Box Office. Group customers will be informed of any changes by the Slovak National Theatre via telephone or email if their contact details are available.

5. In the event of a changed or cancelled performance for any reason, the customer is not entitled to compensation for other expenses and costs related to the performance for which the tickets were purchased – including transport to and from the venue, accommodation, food etc.

6. Purchased tickets may not be returned or exchanged, nor may compensation or discounts be asked for (except for reimbursement pursuant to Art. VI, paragraph 1-4 of the GTC in the event of a cancelled performance).

7. In the event of a ticket being lost the SND will not provide a replacement ticket.

8. In the event of a ticket being sent to the customer by post, the SND bears no responsibility for the late delivery of, or damage to the respective ticket.

9. When purchasing tickets the customer must take into consideration that:
a) Entry into the auditorium after the performance has started is not permitted.
b) Entering the auditorium with backpacks, umbrellas and hand baggage with the exception of women's handbags will not be permitted
c) Entry into the auditorium will not be permitted to persons in jackets, coats, fur coats and particularly dirty clothes
d) Consuming food and drinks during performances is forbidden, as is the use of cameras and mobile telephones.
e) Taking photographs and recording audio and video during the performance is forbidden.

In the event of non-compliance or violation of the terms of this point of the GTC, SND employees or persons authorized by the SND are authorized not to allow the customer entry to the respective performance or depending on the gravity of the infringement to prevent further violation of these conditions, or to escort such a person out of the performance. This does not affect the right to claim damages occurring as a result of the respective person’s actions.


Gift vouchers

1. Types of gift vouchers:
› €20 gift voucher
› €35 gift voucher

2. Each gift voucher has its own unique code.

3. SND tickets can be purchased through the use of gift vouchers for the dates stipulated on the gift vouchers exclusively from SND Box Offices.

4. No change is given for gift vouchers.

5. When paying for tickets with gift vouchers it is possible to use numerous vouchers or combine individual types of vouchers.

6. In the event of a gift voucher being lost or damaged, the SND does not provide replacements.

7. Gift vouchers are non-redeemable and may not be exchanged for other vouchers with different validity.

8. Gift vouchers can be purchased exclusively from SND Box Offices

9. SND gift vouchers are not subject to VAT.

10. Unless otherwise stated herein, the conditions set out in other articles hereof apply to gift vouchers.

11. Gift vouchers are commodities, therefore the counterfeiting thereof is an offence as per the respective law.

12. Gift voucher sample:


Closing provisions

1. These 2016/2017 General Terms and Conditions become valid and take effect as of 1.4.2016.










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Ľubomír Feldek

Thursday, 23. 11. 2017, 18:30
Ľubomír Feldek

Thursday, 23. 11. 2017, 19:00
František Švantner, Roman Polák
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