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Slovak National Theatre

William Shakespeare: Richard III.

Tuesday 14. November 2017 - 14:00, Hall of Drama, the new building of SND

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Premiere: 11 and 12 November 2017 New Building, Drama Stage

Inszenierung : Martin Čičvák
Martin Kubran, Miriam Kičiňová
Tom Ciller
Georges Vafias
Ivan Acher
Tomáš Maštalír
Sáva Popovič, ako hosť
Tomáš Stopa, ako hosť
Dominika Kavaschová
Zuzana Fialová
Táňa Pauhofová
Anna Javorková
Dano Heriban
Vladimír Obšil
Ondrej Kovaľ
Dávid Uzsák, ako hosť
Ivan Černý, ako hosť
Jakub Surán, ako hosť
Šimon Zeman, ako hosť
Julijanna Ťahúňová, ako hosť

The classical tragedy Richard III is part of the cycle of Shakespeare’s historical plays. Those look back at the history of England in order to achieve a new interpretation of the present. By looking at the story of one powerful man, Shakespeare articulates the story of many other contemporary powerful men. It may be a simple parallel, but it is quite effective. The world of William Shakespeare invites bold contemporary interpretation, in which the historical figure of Richard III acquires new meanings and motivations. A man with a physical disability, which perhaps signifies one of a spiritual sort. A man who murders his way to the throne, who even murders children, who lures beautiful women into his net, but also a solitary man who is assailed by his guilty conscience. Shakespeare created a monumental study of manipulation with reality, with women, with political elites, of games of power and games of confidence in one’s personal perfection. At the end of this road stand war, solitude and occasional chaos. Richard III builds its arc from destruction to system to instituting a new system, as it is typical for Shakespeare’s tragedies.



Performance todayFollowing performance

Saturday, 18. 11. 2017, 19:00
Ivan Vyrypayev

Saturday, 18. 11. 2017, 19:30
Georg Büchner
Peace to the shacks! War on the palaces!